Art Wittich

2015 Session

Bills Art sponsored in the 2015 Session include:

HB 147   - Adopt nurse licensure compact (Signed into law)

HB 169   - Revise individual income tax laws (Passed House, died in Senate)

HB 188   - Revise net metering laws (Died in House Committee)

HB 192   - Increase the cap on net metering (Died in House Committee)

HB 203   - Prohibit enforcement of new federal gun laws (Vetoed by Governor)

HB 404   - Provide income tax credit for engineering and science tuition (Died in House Committee)

HB 442   - Establish resource limits for public assistance programs (Died in House Committee)

HB 462   - Allow free association by public employees (Died in House Committee)

HB 485   - Revise net metering laws (Died in House Committee)

HB 544   - Encourage enrollment in qualified health plans by eligible low-income persons (Died on House Floor)

HB 576   - Generally revise licensing of state operated health care facilities (Died on House Floor)

HB 582   - Establishing the Catastrophic Health Care Costs Act (Died on House Floor)

HB 603   - Increase maximum datytime speed limit on certain interstate highways (Died in House Committee)

HB 614   - Establish a study committee on patient compensation for medical injury ((Vetoed by Governor)

SB 396   - Generally revise regulation of transportation for hire laws (Signed into law)

HJ   23   - Interim study of Montana's election process (Passed House, died in Senate)

For a full listing of Art's bills, click to visit his 2015 legislative session page.