Art Wittich


Art was Endorsed by

Montana Shooting Sports Association

"You have been endorsed by MSSA because you are clearly the best candidate in your General Election contest to represent gun owners and hunters.  We highly recommend you to the voters of your election district in the General Election.  We think the right to keep and bear arms and hunting are important.  Those voters in Montana who agree with us about this important right should know that you will certainly be the best of the General Election candidates in your party to represent our shared convictions." 

Montana Chamber of Commerce

Art was awarded the “Champion of Business Award” from the Montana Chamber of Commerce after the 2013 legislative session.


"Your strong support for the Second Amendment and working knowledge of the issues surrounding this most important debate are greatly appreciated."

Montana Family Foundation

"We believe you will be a strong voice for solid pro-family legislation in the upcoming session."

National Federation of Independent Business

"Your NFIB/Montana voting record in the 2013 session was 100%.  That is why NFIB's state political action committee...has endorsed you for the upcoming 2014 general election, and awarded you the NFIB Guardian of Small Business award."

Montana Conservative Alliance

"We count Art as a genuine limited government conservative, a true friend of the taxpayer and a true friend of freedom.  Art is a statesman, not a politician, who stands with integrity upon the principles of the Constitution."

Montana Right to Life

"A candidate's response to the RTLMT PAC questionnaire, his or her record as an incumbent, interviews, and recommendations from people who know the candidates are all criteria used in selecting candidates we will endorse or support in their bid for election to public office... We applaud and encourage your efforts in the difficult public arena and your willingness to serve the people of Montana.  We are counting on you to continue the reputation you have established as a person who cares about life itself, enough to fight for it on others' behalf.  Please accept our best wishes for success in your campaign, and remember that you have the support of many, many members of Right to Life of Montana."