Art Wittich

2013 Session

Bills Art sponsored in the 2013 Session include:

SJ 5      - Urge Congress to support Constitutional Amendment on national debt (Died in Senate Committee)

SR 63   - Resolution urging Congress to submit to states a balanced budget amendment (Passed)

SB 43   - Revise laws relating to reports of alleged abuse at MT Development Center (Signed into law)

SB 65   - Revise laws relating to confidentiality of child abuse and neglect reports (Signed into law)

SB 104 - Clarify that accounting firms may issue shares to nonaccountants (Signed into law)

SB 135 - Require federal receipts contingency plans (Died in House Committee)

SB 138 - Extend class 14 tax classification to all new generating and fuel facilities (Vetoed by Governor)

SB 140 - Combine school and primary election dates (Died in Senate Committee)

SB 170 - Revise income tax rates and the capital gains credit (Died in Senate Committee)

SB 251 - Adopt the Montana Uniform Trust Code (Signed into law)

SB 258 - Name the justice building after Joe Mazurek (Signed into law)

SB 394 - Generally revise income tax laws and decrease taxes (Vetoed by Governor)

HB 604 - Create Select Committee on Medicaid Innovation, Reform, and Expansion (Vetoed by Governor)

For a full listing of Art's bills, click to visit his 2013 legislative session page.