Art Wittich

Supporting Editorials

Supporting Editorials

A case without evidence?  

By Representative Albert D. Olszewski, MD; June 15, 2016

One has to wonder why Mr. Motl is so determined to proclaim “corruption,” yet did not present evidence or argue his case to the jury. 


Political practices commissioner out of control  

By Ed Argenbright; June 6, 2016

The current enforcement emphasis is a fearful factor in any Montanan’s decision to seek public office.


A danger to citizen participation in Montana politics.  

By Representative Carl Glimm; May 18, 2016

As legislative candidates filed their campaign finance reports recently, most Republicans are beyond paranoid about the prospect of making an honest mistake and having the commissioner of political practices act against them.


Defending Art Wittich        

By Speaker Austin Knudsen; May 6, 2016

Enough is enough. We have watched as our colleague, Rep. Art Wittich, has been vilified by Gov. Bullock’s partisan Commissioner of Political Practices Jon Motl during the last two years.


Wittich representing his voters, is good for state

By Elliot Justin; April 21, 2016

As if obsessed, the Chronicle has run over 60 stories attacking Rep. Art Wittich for what is at worst a minor campaign violation, six years after it occurred. Might it be that the issue is that Wittich is a prominent Republican?